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Parallel sessions - AI & Agriculture

11/17/2020 | 10:15 - 12:15 | Laval Virtual


- Time schedule in France & Germany :  10:15 to 12:15
- Time schedule in Japan : 18:15 to 20:15
Agriculture is one of the major global contributors to climate change and, at the same time, directly impacted by its consequences. The sector also faces the immense challenge of meeting the rising food demand of a growing world population despite a lack of human resources, especially in countries like Japan, Germany and France. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can lead the way to sustainable farms which engage in environmentally friendly production in a manner as efficient as mass production.
This session discusses which milestones will need to be passed to leverage the potential of AI for environmentally friendly, sustainable agriculture on a global level. It also discusses ongoing collaboration by Japan, France and Germany in this field and how these collaborative efforts can and should be improved in the future.


  • Dr. Pascal Bergeret Dr. Pascal Bergeret
    Director, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier, International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM)
  • Dr. Véronique Bellon Maurel Dr. Véronique Bellon Maurel
    Director of Digital Agriculture Convergence Laboratory and Head Deputy of the Mathnum (Mathematics, computer and data sciences, digital technologies), INRAE
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Cornelia Weltzien Prof. Dr.-Ing. Cornelia Weltzien
    Head of Department "Engineering for Crop Production", Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy; Chair "Agromechatronics”, TU Berlin
  • Mr. Vitali Czymmek Mr. Vitali Czymmek
    Cofounder Naiture GmbH; Research Associate, Faculty of Engineering, West Coast University of Applied Sciences
  • Dr. Hiroshi Uehara Dr. Hiroshi Uehara
    Professor, Faculty of System Science and Technology, Akita Prefectural University