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Prof. Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

Prof. Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

Head of ACASA-LIP6 team (UMR 7606 CNRS), chairman of the CNRS Ethics Committee (COMETS), Sorbonne University


Sorbonne University

Engineer and philosopher by education, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia is presently Professor of Computer Science at Sorbonne University, member of the Institut Universitaire de France, and deputy director of the OBVIL Laboratory of Excellence (Labex) which activities are focused on the literary side of Digital Humanities.
He is EurAI (European Association for Artificial Intelligence) fellow, member of the CPEN-CCNE which is the Ethics sub-Committee for the Digital of the CCNE (French National Ethics Committee), chairman of the pilot committee of the CHEC (Cycle des hautes études de la culture) and chairman of the COMETS (CNRS ethics committee).
Prof. Ganascia is the author of the book "Le Mythe de la singularité" translated in 2017 by Hayakawa Shobo editions and published in pocket edition in 2019.『虚妄のAI神話 : 「シンギュラリティ」を葬り去る』 早川書房, 2019

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