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Mr. Samuel Auclair

Mr. Samuel Auclair

Seismologist engineer, "Crisis management" project manager, Risk prevention division, French Geological Survey (BRGM)


French Geological Survey (BRGM)

As seismic engineer at BRGM, Samuel Auclair has worked for more than 10 years on the prevention of seismic risk, in France and internationally. Coordinator for 2 years of BRGM research activities in disaster management, one of his main fields of work concerns the development of tools helping crisis managers to build their situational awareness about the intensity & impacts of natural disasters. As such, S. Auclair coordinates the development of the SURICATE-Nat platform, for monitoring and analysis of messages posted on Twitter after the occurrence of disasters.
Samuel Auclair is also the national co-coordinator of the building emergency diagnostic group of the French Association of Earthquake Engineering, and the author of the book entitled "The earthquake in all its seams" (“Le séisme sous toutes ses coutures”).

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Parallel sessions - AI & Risk prevention

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11/18/2020 | 10:15 - 12:15 | Laval Virtual