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Trilateral project - CHIRON

Trilateral project - CHIRON

AI empowered general purpose assistive robotiC system for dexterous object manipulation tHrough embodIed teleopeRation and shared cONtrol



The CHIRON project will make use of a dual-arm robot and aims to bring breakthroughs in the following research topics: compliant grippers with tactile feedback, deep understanding of the scene, reinforcement learning-based shared robot control, intuitive and effective haptic interface for the embodiment of the dual-arm robot, and the last and not the least few shot learning given the very limited amount of data, e.g., trials that the envisaged system can afford with the physical ability limited human operator, for the training of the deep scene analysis and shared robot control so that the embodied dual-arm robot easily to adapt to novel operator for complex never seen before object manipulation in rapidly changing environments.


Project Members
Liming Chen; Ecole Centrale de Lyon LIRIS Lab -
Jan Peters; TUD Intelligent Autonomous Systems lab, Technische Universität Darmstadt -
Yasuhisa Hasegawa; Nagoya University, Dept. of Micro-Nano Mechanical Sci. and Eng.

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Plenary session
11/16/2020 | 10:30 - 11:15 | Main Conference Hall